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Diesel-Pro Marketing is in the privileged position to be approved agents for three of South Africa’s most prestigious lubricant suppliers i.e. Caltex SA, Fuchs SA and Strub SA.

This accolade enables us to provide our clients with quality products at competitive prices. All our products are premium products, manufactured to international specifications and are SABS and ISO 9001/2008 accredited. We are also equipped with comprehensive technical knowledge relating to all our products and its various applications via up to date Product Data Sheets (PDS) and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

*The location of our premises and the availability of appropriate loading equipment makes for easy personal collection or as an alternative, you can also make use of our prompt and reliable delivery service.


We stock a wide range of lubricants in various sizes, from 250ml packs to 1000L flow bins: Automotive (mineral & synthetic) engine oils, hydraulic (+high VI) and circulating oils, transmission (mineral & synthetic) fluids, tractor UTTO/STOU, antifreeze/coolants, cutting, grinding, honing & boring fluids.

Grease for all kinds of applications:

General purpose, heavy duty (plant equipment) wheel bearing, rod drilling, open gear and winch gear grease.

We also stock:

Compressor oils, concrete release agents, chain saw oils, industrial gear lubricants, 2 stroke oils, brake fluids, food grade lubricants, engine & hand cleaners as well as dispensing equipment such as: 210L Rotary drum pumps, gear oil buckets & grease pumps (G-gun) to name but a few.

2 Stroke Oil
2 Stroke Oil
Anti freeze Coolant
Anti freeze Coolant
Automatic Transmission
Automatic transmission
Brake Fluid
Brake fluid
Chain Saw
Chain saw
Automatic Transmission
Automatic transmission
Concrete Release
Concrete release
Diff Oil
Engine Cleaner
Engine cleaner
Engine Oil
Food Lubes
Food lubes
G-gun Foot Pump
G-gun foot pump
Hand Cleaner
Hand cleaner1
Heavy Duty
Heavy duty
Industrial Gears
Industrial gear
Lathe machine
Lathe machine
Manual Transmission
Manual transmission
Open Gear
Open gears
Rod Drilling
Rod drilling
Wheel Bearing
Wheel bearing
Winch Gear
Winch gear
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